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Fairy String Lights

The Evening of HOPE hosted by the Andy Polanski Charitable Foundation on April 20, 2024 was an incredible, moving and extremely successful event!

Together, in the power of unity, guests came together to share in the laughter, tears, inspiration and HOPE in support of organ donor families and to bring awareness to organ and tissue donation.  

From the electric energy to the heartfelt stories shared, this evening was nothing short of magical! 

With this support, APCF, is now able to provide organ donor families with "Gifts of Hope" to extend support and help provide items such as accommodation gift cards, food gift cards, parking passes, toiletry items, comfort items (pillow, blanket, teddy bear + books) during a difficult and heartbreaking time spent in hospital with their loved one.

Thank you to all for bringing your warmth and generous spirit to make this such a memorable event! 

Softball Glove





APCF Spreading Kindness Campaign

Kicked off in 2020, APCF 's spreading kindness campaign helped support many businesses in our community. This past year in 2023, funds were donated to the Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank and Families First to help touch people in need in our community. Over the years we've helped support Ken's Catering's "Feed the Fort" initiative, our Local Food Bank, Fort Saskatchewan's toy drive and helping to recognize young leaders in our community for their volunteerism and strive to give back to our community. This has been a remarkable journey and we are so humbled to be able to give back and support our community. 

Hardware Tools
Electrician's Hands
Electrician's Hands

The Andy Polanski
Footprints to your Future
Legacy Scholarship

APCF remains committed to fulfilling the foundation’s vision

‘To make things better, not for ourselves but for everyone around us’.

This vision is solely inspired by the sincere and generous personality of Andy, encompassing his many wonderful attributes and traits that left a mark on those who knew him and continues to inspire many. Andy was a young man with strong family roots, always ready to share in some fun and laughter, and dedicated to working hard towards any goal he set for himself. This resulted in Andy persevering when it came to his high school studies to strive for and reach his individual potential as a student allowing him to pursue a post-secondary education goal of becoming an electrician.

The Andy Polanski Charitable Foundation (APCF) in partnership with ACI Architecture Inc. is very proud to offer a

$1,000 scholarship

to a Fort Saskatchewan high school student who has completed their high school requirements and is pursuing a post-secondary education.

 Andy Polanski

"Leaders of Tomorrow" 


APCF is very proud to offer a $1000 scholarship to a Fort Saskatchewan student graduating in 2019 and pursuing post secondary education. 

Andy's Playground

Opened in 2016, Andy's Playground is a place where imagination and play can run free. 

A place where laughter echos and Andy’s spirit and memory can continue to touch others. 

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