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Born and raised in Fort Saskatchewan, Andy’s contagious laugh was one of the many great qualities he was known for as a child in grade school through to his Journeymen Electrician year at NAIT. He could instantly make you lose your own breath in laughter just listening to him tell a story.


Andy was always generous when it came to helping others. Seeing people’s thankfulness and gratitude was exactly the reason Andy loved to help. He did not lend a hand for money or personal gain but for what it represented; his selflessness.


Andy could be seen around the community volunteering his time at local schools and on various committees. Andy loved Fort Saskatchewan and had a deep passion for sports. He proudly represented his schools and community as a Ranger in hockey, a RedSox in baseball and a Patriot in volleyball, basketball, badminton and golf. However, if you were ever able to watch Andy play any of these sports, you would know his true passion was baseball.


At the age of 22, Andy was elected the President of the Fort Saskatchewan Mixed Slo-Pitch Association in 2013. Andy had many dreams for the ball diamonds and at the top of his list was the development of a children’s playground.  


The morning of April 30, 2013, Andy planted the seed for a playground with the City of Fort Saskatchewan so that the many children that attend their parent’s slo-pitch games would have a safe place to laugh and play together. Tragically later that afternoon, at the age of 23, Andy was involved in a motor vehicle accident that later claimed his life.

Andy was many things to everyone;

brother, son, boyfriend, co-worker,

team mate, and friend to name a few.

He loved to share and would share with



On May 5, 2013 Andy gave the biggest gift of all, the gift of new life when he became an organ and tissue donor. On that day Andy instantly saved and changed the lives of 5 people in the Edmonton area. Andy’s lungs gave new hope to a man in Alberta with end stage lung disease. Andy’s kidneys ended the struggles of dialysis for 2 separate individuals. A man from Alberta with end stage heart disease was given new life when he received Andy’s heart. Andy’s liver and pancreas provided a mother the opportunity to watch her children grow. His gift doesn’t end there, his selfless act will continue to touch and improve the lives of up to 75 more through his tissue donation. Andy has and will continue to give many a new hope and a fresh beginning.


In his honor, our family and friends would like to complete Andy’s vision to build a safe and fun playground at the Dow Centennial Slo-Pitch Diamonds to benefit all of the community as well as recognizing an exceptional young man’s spirit.

Love • Kindness • Courage • Laughter • Selflessness • Volunteering


Few can be described with words like this, but Andrew David James Polanski was all these and so much more.

“Life is not measured by the objects you have once held but rather by the fingerprints you leave behind.”

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