Andy Polanski Classic 2018

Date: May 25-27th

Location: Dow Centennial Diamonds


Thank you everyone for making our 5th Annual AP Classic Slo-Pitch Tournament & Fundraiser so extremely successful! The SuperHeroes theme & all of the amazing bands kept the crowds entertained. A big thank you to Cronenburg, Ham Sandwich and The Whiskey Boyz for your musical talents! 

Thank you also to all of the food vendors who attended and kept everyone's tummies full, and the water sponsors The Chopped Leaf and Copper Tip for keeping us hydrated! 

The continued support from this community of the AP Classic has allowed us to raise approximately $20,000 this year which will be used to finish the fencing around the playground as well as to start funding our new scholarships which we hope to begin next year!

Congratulations to all the ball teams & thank you for continuing to support our tournament! Your yearly support has made it possible for the APCF to maintain the development of Andy's Playground as well as to continue on with our scholarships endeavours. 

The tournament results are as follows:

1st place A- Lollygaggers                           1st place B- Inglorious Batters

2nd place A- Team Polanski                     2nd place B- Half Sacs

1st place C- Ramex Crush                         1st place D- Back Door Sliders

2nd place C- For Fox Sakes                      2nd place D- Fort Bulls

Andy Polanski Classic 2017

Date: May 26-28th

Location: Dow Centennial Diamonds

Our 4th annual AP Classic Slo-Pitch Tournament and Fundraiser was a huge success and we would like to thank every single individual who helped make it possible! A special shout out goes to our entertainment "Rubix Cubed" for keeping us dancing all night!


We were able to raise enough funds to purchase and install the wonderful picnic tables, benches and the bike rack that are now found in the playground area. 

Hope to see everyone again next year!

Andy Polanski Classic 2016

Date: May 27-29th

Location: Dow Centennial Diamonds


Our 3rd annual AP Classic was a huge success raising over $41,000 for Andy's Playground!

Lots of fun was had by all, with some great ball games, a fantastic auction, exciting kids games and the always appreciated beer gardens and food vendors! Our entertainment line up this year was exceptional and we want to send out a huge thank you to all those musicians.

The winners of the tournament this year are as follows:

A Division - Team Polanski

B Division - Armed & Hammered

C Division - Masterbatters Ft.Sask

D Division - Stonecutters

Thank you to everyone who participated and joined us at the 2016 AP Classic and for celebrating the groundbreaking of Andy's Playground with us as well! Hope to see you all next year!

Andy's Playground Bowl-A-Palooza 2015

Date: September 11-12th 2015

Location: Fort Lanes


Our 2nd Annual Bowlapalooza event was a huge success and we would like to thank everyone who participated and to Fort Lanes (Levi and Christina) for hosting. A lot of fun was had by all and plenty of creativity was shown in our 'Bowlapaloozas Got Talent' events!

We are very pleased to have had many 'Bands of the Ages' participate, and the final top 2 bands will battle at the upcoming AP Classic 2016 for the winning team to perform with our headlining band.


The Top Performers are as follows;

Elvis Presley (Rob Johnston)

& Guns N' Roses (Mix 107.9 team)


The top male and female bowlers are as follows;

5 pin: Tyler Polanski and Sam Sonnenburg

10 pin: Tony Stacey and Sharla Hull






Andy Polanski Memorial Ball Hockey Tournament 2015

Date: June 19-20th

Location: Sportsplex Arena



Lots of fun was had by all at the Ball Hockey Tournament, as well as at the 'Toast to Andy' at Pots Bar & Grill. The weekend was very successful at raising money for Andy's Playground, raising a total of $12,000.


Thank you to everyone to came out to enjoy the event and to all of those who supported us.


Andy Polanski Classic 2015

Date: May 22-24th 

Location: Dow Centennial Diamonds



The Andy Polanski Classic was a huge sucess! Thank you so much to all the teams, volunteers, bands and of course all the community members for coming out to support Andy's Playground. Over the whole weekend we raised $51,000 thanks to everyones generosity putting us that much closer to our goal of playground funds!


Please check out the slideshow of a few pics of the event. Photos by CL Images & Artistry.


AP Classic 2015 016
AP Classic 2015 016

AP Classic 2015 004
AP Classic 2015 004

AP Classic 2015 006
AP Classic 2015 006

AP Classic 2015 016
AP Classic 2015 016


Andy's Playground Bowl-A-Palooza 2014

Date: September 5-6th

Location: Fort Lanes Bowling Alley


What a wonderful weekend of bowling fun! Please take a look at the slideshow for some pictures from the event.


Best Dressed teams went to the following:

5 pin: Ebowla

10 pin: Alley-Gators


Top Male and Female Bowlers:

5 pin: Chester and Claudette Keown

10 pin: Tony Stacey and Cindy Campbell


Thank you so much to everyone who joined us and supported Andy's Playground!




Bowlapalooza 227.JPG
Bowlapalooza 227.JPG

Bowlapalooza 118.JPG
Bowlapalooza 118.JPG

Bowlapalooza 144.JPG
Bowlapalooza 144.JPG

Bowlapalooza 227.JPG
Bowlapalooza 227.JPG


Canada Day Parade 2014

APCF entered a float in the 2014 Canada Day Parade! It was a fantastic, fun and sun filled day. Thank you to everyone who came out to decorate, walk and participate in our very first Andy's Playground float. We appreciate all of our wonderful volunteers!


Please enjoy a few pics from the day!



Andy Polanski Memorial Ball Hockey Tournament








With a full tournament of 12 teams, all the games were a huge success. With team fees, concession, silent auction and generous donations, we are very excited to have raised over $8000 to put towards Andy's Playground!


Congratulations to team 'Kind of a Big Deal' for winning the Cup!



Bowlapalooza 054.JPG
Bowlapalooza 054.JPG

Bowlapalooza 033.JPG
Bowlapalooza 033.JPG

Bowlapalooza 036.JPG
Bowlapalooza 036.JPG

Bowlapalooza 054.JPG
Bowlapalooza 054.JPG

Andy Polanski Playground Fundraiser and Family Concert



On May 24th 2014, our first Andy's playground fundraiser was a

huge success!


Over $58,000 was raised for Andy's Playground! A huge thank you 

goes out to all of our sponsors, volunteers, ball teams and our

community for making this such a wonderful and successful event!





Donor Recognition Service


On April 24, 2014 Andy's family attended the Donor Recognition Service hosted by the H.O.P.E Program and CTC.  They accepted on his behalf a gold medal in recognition for Andy's generous organ and tissue donation.  


Andy was many things to everyone; brother, son, boyfriend, co-worker, team mate, and friend to name a few. He loved to share and would share with anyone. On May 5, 2013 Andy gave the biggest gift of all, the gift of new life when he became an organ and tissue donor. On that day Andy instantly saved and changed the lives of 5 people in the Edmonton area. Andy’s lungs gave new hope to a man in Alberta with end stage lung disease. Andy’s kidneys ended the struggles of dialysis for 2 separate individuals. A man from Alberta with end stage heart

disease was given new life when he received Andy’s

heart. Andy’s liver and pancreas provided a mother the

opportunity to watch her children grow. His gift doesn’t

end there, his selfless act will continue to touch and

improve the lives of up to 75 more through his tissue

donation. Andy has and will continue to give many a

new hope and a fresh beginning.

Approval Received from Fort Saskatchewan City Council


March 25, 2014​


Approval was unanimously received from the City of Fort Saskatchewan to:

  1. Build a permanent playground structure at the Dow Centennial Ball Fields located in Westpark

  2. Name the playground “Andy’s Playground” after Fort Saskatchewan resident Andy Polanski

  3. Support fundraising activities for “Andy’s Playground” including an in-kind donation to waive rental fees and delivery charge for picnic tables and barricades required May 23 – 25, 2014 for the Andy Polanski Classic Slo-Pitch Tournament and community focused family concert at Dow Centennial Ball Fields

  4. Support for a request of an in-kind donation to waive fees in the amount for the rental of the Sportsplex required June 6 -7, 2014 for the Andy Polanski Memorial Ball Hockey Tournament.


All funds raised from the tournaments and concert will go towards “Andy’s Playground” project.